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The scientific committee and the coordinators of the scientific program compile the scientific main sessions in close cooperation with the GDCh divisions; industry symposia and special events complement the lecture series.

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Plenary symposia

  • Rethinking Chemistry - Concepts

  • Rethinking Chemistry - Sustainability Strategies

Synthesis and Catalysis

  • Liebig Symposium on Organic Chemistry

  • Karl Ziegler Symposium

  • Highlights from inorganic chemistry

  • Sustainability; Sustainable applications of P/F/PF compounds

  • Sustainable Synthesis

Energy, Resources and Environment

  • On the trail of our chemical footprints: Environmental analysis of elements, trace substances and isotopes as anthropogenic tracers

  • When chemicals pass all barriers: Polar and persistent substances end up in drinking water

  • EU Safe and Sustainable by Design Konzepts (SSbD)

  • Understanding of electrochemical processes, materials, and transformations


  • Dialogue in Inorganic Chemistry

  • Rethinking Chemistry: Sustainability of Materials and Critical Resources

  • Highlights in Solid-State and Materials Chemistry

  • Materials for the energy transition

  • New Methods and Concepts in Crystal Chemistry

Life Sciences

  • Molecules of Life - Molecules in Life

  • Robots in Chemistry

  • Research Data Infrastructure

Interdisciplinary Symposia

  • Rethinking History of Chemistry: Fascinating Stories and Reflections for the Future

  • Chemistry meets art

  • Boundaries between science and politics

  • Final of the national Three Minute Thesis (3 MT)

  • Presentation of the JCF teams and regional forums

  • Session of the GDCh Division of Magnetic Resonance (FGMR) 

Chemistry class

  • Experimental lectures

  • Discussion Lectures

Other events

  • ChemSlam - Science Slam on the subject of chemistry

  • Career service

  • „Startups“ a breakfast session: impulses for starting a business in chemistry

Annual meetings of the GDCh Divisions & Working Groups

  • Division of Chemical Education

  • Division Chemists in Civil Service

  • Division of Computers in Chemistry

  • Working Group Phosphorus chemistry

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