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About WiFo

The German Chemical Society (GDCh) is one of the worlds largest and most important chemical societies with around 30,000 members from science, business and the liberal professions. Every two years, the GDCh organizes the GDCh Science Forum Chemistry (abbreviated WiFo) at different locations in Germany. At WiFo, chemistry is presented in all its breadth as an integrative scientific discipline. Topics include synthesis and catalysis, life sciences, materials, energy, resources and environment. A trade exhibition will accompany the congress.











Three Days of Powerful Talks

Get the latest industry insights with expert-led workshops, high-quality keynotes, inspirational content and engaging panel discussions on the hottest topics in chemistry. Learn from more than 160 outstanding presenters who share their personal experiences and visions on stage.

One highlight is the WiFo 2023 plenary symposia. They start on Tuesday and Wednesday with three 30-minute lectures each.


Main topics of the plenary symposia

  • Rethinking Chemistry - Concepts

  • Rethinking Chemistry - Sustainability Strategies

Leroy Cronin
Sarah Fakih
Peter R. Schreiner
Melanie Maas-Brunner
Evamarie Hey-Hawkins
John Warner


The scientific program and local organization form the basis of the GDCh Science Forum Chemistry. Colleagues from the GDCh network share responsibility for these two supporting pillars by being involved in the corresponding committees.

Scientific Committee

Rolf Albach, Leverkusen

Gisela Boeck, Rostock

Neville Compton, Weinheim

Karsten Danielmeier, Leverkusen

Stefanie Dehnen, Karlsruhe

Christian Ducho, Saarbrücken

Martin Elsner, Munich

Richard Göttlich, Giessen

Stefan Güssregen, Frankfurt

Evamarie Hey-Hawkins, Leipzig

Gerhard Karger, Frankfurt

Wolfram Koch, Frankfurt

Holger Kohlman, Leipzig

Thomas Letzel, Munich

Johannes Liermann, Mainz

Jörg Matysik, Leipzig

Björn Meerman, Berlin

Carl-Friedrich Nising, Leverkusen

Oliver Oeckler, Leipzig

Stefan Raunser, Dortmund

Ute Resch-Genger, Berlin

Haymo Ross, Weinheim

Manfred Scheer, Regensburg

Christopher Schneider, Leipzig

Jan Schwarzbauer, Aachen

Joachim Simon, Leverkusen

Ralf Tonner-Zech, Leipzig

Hans-Georg Weinig, Frankfurt

Program Coordination

Rolf Albach, Leverkusen

Stefanie Dehnen, Karlsruhe

Gisela Boeck, Rostock

Martin Elsner, Munich

Nils Bottke, Ludwigshafen

Maik Finze, Würzburg

Regina Gnirss, Bielefeld

Richard Göttlich, Giessen

Tom Götze, Leipzig

Harald Gröger, Bielefeld

Stefan Güssregen, Frankfurt

Evamarie Hey-Hawkins, Leipzig

Elisabeth Kapatsina, Frankfurt

Sebastian Hasenstab-Riedel, Berlin

Björn Meerman, Berlin

Thomas T. Müller, Düsseldorf

Klaus Müller‐Buschbaum, Giessen

Oliver Oeckler, Leipzig

Martin Oestreich, Berlin

Stefan Raunser, Dortmund

Andrea Rentmeister, Münster

Ute Resch-Genger, Berlin

Thorsten Reemtsma, Leipzig

Peter Roesky, Karlsruhe

Jürgen Schatz, Erlangen

Joachim Simon, Leverkusen

Pierre Stallforth, Jena

Hannes Utikal, Frankfurt

Daniel B. Werz, Braunschweig

Kirsten Zeitler, Leipzig

Local organizing  Committee

Anja Becker, Leipzig

Tom Götze, Leipzig

Antje Hannebauer, Frankfurt

Rebekka Heimann, Leipzig

Kerstin Kattwinkel, Frankfurt

Holger Kohlmann, Leipzig

Jörg Matysik, Leipzig

Oliver Oeckler, Leipzig

Hans-Georg Weinig, Frankfurt

Karin J. Schmitz, Frankfurt

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